Tear Gas


  • Chloroacetophenone (Mace)
  • Orthochlorobenzamalonitrile


  • Tear Gas Inhalation
    • Low-grade airway irritant (designed to incapacitate person only)
    • Lower respiratory effects occur mainly in those exposed to high intensity in an enclosed space

Clinical Presentations

  • Immediate Mucous Membrane Irritation
  • Acute Lung Injury-ARDS (see Acute Lung Injury-ARDS, [[Acute Lung Injury-ARDS]])
    • Epidemiology: may occur with high-level exposure in an enclosed space
    • Diagnosis
      • OLB: diffuse alveolar damage
    • Treatment: corticosteroids may be beneficial, but are unproven
  • Reactive Airway Dysfunction Syndrome (see Reactive Airway Dysfunction Syndrome, [[Reactive Airway Dysfunction Syndrome]])


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