Exposure to Ozone Inhalation

  • Welding
  • Water Treatment
  • Pulp Paper Bleaching: exposure may also involve concomitant exposure to chlorine dioxide

Physiology of Ozone Inhalation

  • Ozone Inhalation
    • Low Water Solubility: may result in longer exposure and delayed injury to bronchioles and alveoli
  • Increased Airway Epithelial Permeability
  • Inflammatory cell influx
    • Neutrophils play a major role in the airway hyperreactivity following ozone exposure
    • Injury to alveolar macrophages may occur: increases risk of subsequent infection
  • Atropine prevents the increased airway resistance after experimental ozone exposure

Diagnosis of Ozone Inhalation

  • FOB: may be necessary to rule out airway injury

Clinical Manifestations of Ozone Inhalation

(delayed onset of pulmonary injury -> symptoms may occur later)

Treatment of Ozone Inhalation

  • Steroids: may be benficial in acute lung injury, but unproven


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