Ethylene Glycol


Source of Ethylene Glycol Exposure


Characteristics of Ethylene Glycol

Background on Alcohols and Their Metabolism

Ethylene Glycol

Methanol (see Methanol, [[Methanol]])

Isopropanol (see Isopropanol, [[Isopropanol]])

Ethylene Glycol Metabolism

End Organ Toxicity


Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Serum Chemistry

Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) (see Arterial Blood Gas, [[Arterial Blood Gas]])

Serum Osmolality (see Serum Osmolality, [[Serum Osmolality]])

Lactic Acidosis


Elevated Fractional Excretion of Sodium (FENa) (see Acute Kidney Injury, [[Acute Kidney Injury]])

Urine Osmolality

Renal Biopsy

Ethylene Glycol Level

Glycolic Acid Level

Clinical Stages

General Comments

Stage 1-Neurologic

General Comments

Neurologic Manifestations

Renal Manifestations

Other Manifestations

Stage 2-Cardiopulmonary

General Comments

Cardiovascular Manifestations

Other Manifesttaions

Stage 3-Renal

General Comments

Cardiovascular Manifestations

Gastrointestinal Manifestations

Pulmonary Manifestations

Renal Manifestations

Other Manifestations


General Comments

Supportive Care

Intravenous Fluids + Diuretics

Gastrointestinal Decontamination

Alcohol Dehydrogenase Inhibitor Therapy

Ethanol (see Ethanol, [[Ethanol]])

Fomepizole (4-Methylpyrazole) (see Fomepizole, [[Fomepizole]])

Hemodialysis (see Hemodialysis, [[Hemodialysis]])

Thiamine (see Thiamine, [[Thiamine]])

Pyridoxine (see Vitamin B6, [[Vitamin B6]])

Charcoal Hemoperfusion (see Hemoperfusion, [[Hemoperfusion]])