Diethylene Glycol


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Clinical Manifestations

Renal Manifestations

Anion Gap Metabolic Acidosis (AGMA) (see Metabolic Acidosis-Elevated Anion Gap, [[Metabolic Acidosis-Elevated Anion Gap]])

  • Diagnosis

Elevated Osmolal Gap (see Serum Osmolality, [[Serum Osmolality]])

  • Physiology: due to presence of low molecular weight solute, diethylene glycol
  • Diagnosis: may produce a large osmolal gap (>20 mOsm/L)
    • However, the absence of an osmolal gap does not exclude the presence of diethylene glycol
    • In addition, there are often discrepancies between the degree of osmolal gap and the severity of clinical manifestations

Other Manifestations

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