Diarrheic Shellfish



  • Major Outbreaks Have Been Reported in North America (United States, Canada), South America (Chile, Uruguay), Europe (Scandinavia, France, Belgium, Spain, Ireland), and Asia (Japan, China)


  • Ingestion of Bivalve Mollusks (Mussels, Scallops)


  • Okadaic Acid (and Other Toxins)
    • Lipid Soluble Toxin Which Inhibits Phosphorylation in Mammalian Cells
    • Data from Animal Studies
      • In Chinese Hamster Lung Cell Animal Models, Okadaic Acid Has Been Found to Be Mutagenic
      • Okadaic Acid Promotes the Development of Skin Tumors in Mice
      • Okadaic Acid Exposure Has Been Proposed as a Risk Factor for the Development of Human Colorectal Cancer (Med Hypotheses, 2008) [MEDLINE]


  • Detection of Okadaic Acid or Other Associated Toxin in Suspected Food

Clinical Manifestations

General Comments

  • Onset: within 2 hrs of ingestion
  • Resolution: within 2-3 days

Gastrointestinal Manifestations

Other Manifestations


Supportive Care


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