Clinical Manifestations

Pulmonary Manifestations

  • Hard Metal Pneumoconiosis (see Interstitial Lung Disease-Etiology, [[Interstitial Lung Disease-Etiology]])
    • Exposure: occurs when cobalt is used in combination with tungsten carbide
      • Tool grinders
      • Diamond polishers
    • Pathologic Patterns
      • Desquamative interstitial pneumonia (DIP): variant of DIP called Giant Cell Pneumonitis (with alveolar giant cells as well as alveolar macrophages) may also occur in these cases
    • Diagnosis
      • CXR/Chest CT:
    • Clinical
      • Xxxxx
  • Occupational Asthma (see xxxx, [[Asthma-Occupational]])

Dermatologic Manifestations

  • Allergic Contact Dermatitis (see Contact Dermatitis, [[Contact Dermatitis]]): due to skin exposure to cobalt


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