Evaluation of Volume Status


  • FENa = (Urine Na/Plasma Na)/(Urine Cr/Plasma Cr) x 100
    • FENa <1%: Pre-Renal/Hepatorenal
    • FENa >1%: Renal (ATN, etc)
    • FENa is less accurate without oliguria
    • In presence of met alkalosis, urinary Cl is more accurate indicator of volume status than urinary Na
    • Some cases of contrast-induced and rhabdo-related ATN may have low FENa

FE Urea

  • FE Urea = Urine Urea/Plasma Urea)/(Urine Cr/Plasma Cr)
    • FE Urea <35%: Pre-Renal/Hepatorenal


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