Granular Cell Myoblastoma


  • Sex: M>F
  • Age: usually presents between 30-50 y/o


  • Benign endobronchial tumor probably of neural origin (probably from Schwann cells)
  • Can occur in many organs


  • Polygonal or spindle cells with granular cytoplasm

Clinical Presentations

  • Lung Nodule (see Lung Nodule or Mass, [[Lung Nodule or Mass]])
    • Epidemiology: rare presentation
    • Diagnosis
      • CXR/Chest CT: solitary nodule
  • Endobronchial Lesion (see Obstructive Lung Disease, [[Obstructive Lung Disease]])
    • Epidemiology: 50 reported cases
    • Diagnosis
      • FOB: usually occur in larynx or main bronchi (multiple in 10% of cases)
        • EBB: usually diagnostic
    • Clinical
      • Wheezing
      • Cough
      • Hemoptysis
      • Recurrent infections
      • Atelectasis/Post-Obstructive Pneumonia


  • Bronchoscopic Removal: occasionally possible
  • Surgery: resection is advisable (especially for lesions >8 mm), due to propensity for local invasiveness and tendency to recur after limited excision


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