Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBC)

Epidemiology of Packed Red Blood Cell (PRBC) Transfusion

Pharmacology of Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBC)

Characteristics of Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBC)

Storage of Packed Red Blood Cells

Storage Additives

Effects of Storage on Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBC)




Premedication to Prevent Potential Febrile Non-Hemolytic/Allergic Transfusion Reactions

Potential Strategies to Decrease Packed Red Blood Cell (PRBC) Transfusion in the ICU

Erythropoeitin (see xxxx, [[xxxx]])

Restrictive Transfusion Thresholds

Pre-Operative Autologous Blood Donation

Use of Aprotinin in Cardiac Surgery (see Aprotinin, [[Aprotinin]])

Blood-Conservation Devices (CellSaver, etc)

Parenteral Iron

Adverse Effects of Packed Red Blood Cell Transfusion

Allergic/Immunologic Adverse Effects

Anaphylaxis (see Anaphylaxis, [[Anaphylaxis]])

Angioedema (see Angioedema, [[Angioedema]])

Urticaria (see Urticaria, [[Urticaria]])

Cardiovascular Adverse Effects

Fluid Overload/Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) (see Congestive Heart Failure, [[Congestive Heart Failure]])

Hematologic Adverse Effects

Acute Granulocytic Febrile Transfusion Reaction (see Acute Granulocytic Febrile Transfusion Reaction, [[Acute Granulocytic Febrile Transfusion Reaction]])

Acute Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction (see Acute Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction, [[Acute Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction]])

Coagulopathy (see Coagulopathy, [[Coagulopathy]])

Delayed Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction (see Delayed Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction, [[Delayed Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction]])

Iron Overload (see Hemochromatosis, [[Hemochromatosis]])

Post-Transfusion Purpura (see Post-Transfusion Purpura, [[Post-Transfusion Purpura]])

Serum Sickness (see Serum Sickness, [[Serum Sickness]])

Thrombocytopenia (see Thrombocytopenia, [[Thrombocytopenia]])

Transfusion-Associated Graft vs Host Disease (see Transfusion-Associated Graft vs Host Disease, [[Transfusion-Associated Graft vs Host Disease]])

Infectious Adverse Effects

Babesiosis (see Babesiosis, [[Babesiosis]])

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) (see Cytomegalovirus, [[Cytomegalovirus]])

Hepatitis B Virus (see Hepatitis B Virus, [[Hepatitis B Virus]])

Hepatitis C Virus (see Hepatitis C Virus, [[Hepatitis C Virus]])

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) (see Human Immunodeficiency Virus, [[Human Immunodeficiency Virus]])

Human T-Lymphotropic Virus I (HTLV-I) (see Human T-Lymphotropic Virus I, [[Human T-Lymphotropic Virus I]])

Malaria (see Malaria, [[Malaria]])

Other Bacteria

Prion Disease

Syphilis (see Syphilis, [[Syphilis]])

Neurologic Adverse Effects

Pulmonary Adverse Effects

Transfusion-Associated Acute Lung Injury (TRALI) (see Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, [[Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome]])

Other Adverse Effects