Liver Biopsy


Diagnosis of Liver Disease

  • Clinical Utility
    • Utility of Liver Biopsy in the Setting of Chronic LFT Abnormalities (Am J Gastroenterol, 2000) [MEDLINE]
      • Liver Biopsy May Aid in a Diagnosis, But the Results Infrequently Alter the Presumptive Pre-Biopsy Diagnosis and No Proven Therapy Exists for the Vast Majority of Patients
      • Risks and Benefits of Liver Biopsy Should Be Carefully Considered, Especially in Settings Where Investigational Therapies are Not Available
  • Recommendations
    • Liver Biopsy is Probably Indicated in Patients with Undiagnosed Persistent Transaminitis >2 Upper Limit of Normal


  • An assessment of the role of liver biopsies in asymptomatic patients with chronic liver test abnormalities. Am J Gastroenterol. 2000;95(11):3206 [MEDLINE]