Prothrombin Complex Concentrate-3 Factor (Profilnine SD)


  • Control and Prevention of Hemorrhage in Patients with Factor IX Deficiency (Hemophilia B, Christmas Disease) (see Hemophilia B, [[Hemophilia B]])
  • Reversal of Coumadin-Associated Coagulopathy (see Coumadin, [[Coumadin]])
  • Reversal of Dabigatran-Associated Coagulopathy (see Dabigatran, [[Dabigatran]])
  • Reversal of Rivaroxaban-Associated Coagulopathy (see Rivaroxaban, [[Rivaroxaban]]): abstract from rat study is the only data supporting this treatment


  • Content: human plasma derived (lyophilized powder)
    • Factor II
    • Factor IX
    • Factor X
    • Low Amounts of Factor VII


  • Dosing: 30 IU/kg IV Push (not to exceed 10 ml/min)

Dose Adjustment

  • Hepatic:
  • Renal:

Adverse Effects

Allergic/Immunologic Adverse Effects

  • Anaphylaxis/Anaphylactoid Reaction (see Anaphylaxis, [[Anaphylaxis]])

Dermatologic Adverse Effects

Gastrointestinal Adverse Effects

Hematologic Adverse Effects

Neurologic Adverse Effects

Other Adverse Effects

  • Fever (see Fever, [[Fever]])
  • Rigors (see Rigors, [[Rigors]])
  • Transmission of Infectious Agents: as agent is human plasma-derived, the risk of transmission of infectious agents (including viruses and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease agent) cannot be completely eliminated


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