• Indications
    • Lung Cancer
    • Breast Cancer
    • Testicular Cancer


  • Alkylating Agent

Adverse Effects

Pulmonary Adverse Effects

  • Subacute Interstitial Pneumonitis (see Interstitial Lung Disease-Etiology)
    • Unclear role of ifosfamide, as other chemo agents (including docetaxel) were used concurrently
    • One case of fatal pneumonitis has been reported

Other Adverse Effects

  • Methemoglobinemia (see Methemoglobinemia): one case report
    • Likely due to interaction between 4-thiofosfamide metabolite and glutathione -> resulting in oxidative stress


  • Pulmonary Complications of Novel Antineoplastic Agents for Solid Tumors. CHEST February 2008 vol. 133 no. 2 528-538