Docetaxel (Taxotere)



  • Taxane (see Taxanes, [[Taxanes]]): taxanes are diterpenes produced by the plants of the genus Taxus (yews)
    • Docetaxel (Taxotere)
    • Paclitaxel (Taxol) (see Paclitaxel, [[Paclitaxel]])


  • IV

Adverse Effects

Acute or Subacute Interstitial Pneumonitis (see Interstitial Lung Disease-Etiology, [[Interstitial Lung Disease-Etiology]])

  • Epidemiology: increased risk of lung toxicity when used in combination with Gemcitabine (see Gemcitabine, [[Gemcitabine]])
  • Treatment: responsive to corticosteroids (see Corticosteroids, [[Corticosteroids]])

Acute Lung Injury-ARDS (see Acute Lung Injury-ARDS, [[Acute Lung Injury-ARDS]])

  • Clinical: xxx

Pleural Effusion (see Pleural Effusion-Exudate, [[Pleural Effusion-Exudate]])

  • Clinical: xxx

Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage (see Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage, [[Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage]]): absence of pulmonary capillarities (bland alveolar hemorrhage)

  • Clinical: xxx


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