Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers (ARB’s)





  • PO

Concomitant Administration of ACE Inhibitors and ARBS

  • Combination ACE Inhibitor and ARB Therapy Increases the Risk of Adverse Effects [MEDLINE]: including hyperkalemia, medication discontinuation due to adverse effects, worsened renal function, and symptomatic hypotension
    • Combination ACE Inhibitor and ARB Therapy Does Not Increase the Rate of Malignancy [MEDLINE]
    • Recommendation: it is recommended to not use combination ACE inhibitor and ARB therapy

Adverse Effects

Allergic/Immunologic Adverse Effects

Cardiovascular Adverse Effects

Endocrinologic Adverse Effects

Pulmonary Adverse Effects

  • Cough (see Cough, Cough)
    • Physiology: class effect (common to all ARB’s)

Renal Adverse Effects

Other Effects

  • ARBS’s Do Not Increase the Risk of Malignancy []
  • ARBS’s Do Not Increase the Risk of Myocardial Infarction [MEDLINE]


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