Amantadine (Symmetrel, Symadine)


Influenza Treatment (see Influenza Virus, [[Influenza Virus]])

  • Clinical Efficacy
    • Early treatment (within 48 hrs) is probably better than later treatment
    • Beneficial in treatment of drug-sensitive influenza A strains

Influenza Prophylaxis (see Influenza Virus, [[Influenza Virus]])

  • Indications: patients >1 y/o
  • Clinical Efficacy
    • Given x 2 wks during epidemic, during which vaccine will induce Ab response
    • Given during facility outbreak, to all exposed regardless of vaccination status, until 1 wk after end of outbreak



  • M2 Ion Channel Blocker (Adamantane)
    • Activity: Influenza A
  • Metabolism: renal clearance


  • PO: xxx
  • Hepatic Dose Adjustment: xxx
  • Renal Dose Adjustment: xxx

Adverse Effects

Neurologic Adverse Effects

  • Mild Central Nervous System Effects: insominia, anxiety, or difficulty concentrating occur in 13% of cases
  • Seizures (see Seizures, [[Seizures]]): usually in those with history of seizures
  • Delirium (see Delirium, [[Delirium]]): usually in those with psychiatric history


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