Aliskiren (Tekturna, Rasilez)



  • Renin Inhibitor


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Dose Adjustment

  • Hepatic:
  • Renal:


  • Aliskiren (Tekturna, Rasilez)
  • Aliskiren + Hydrochlorthiazide (Tekturna HCT)
  • Aliskiren + Valsartan (Valturna)
  • Amlodipine + Aliskiren (Tekamlo)
  • Amlodipine + Aliskiren + Hydrochlorthiazide (Amturnide)

Adverse Effects

Allergic/Immunologic Adverse Effects

Angioedema (see Angioedema, [[Angioedema]])

  • Epidemiology
    • Meta-Analysis of 12 Trials with n = 12,188 Patients (2010) [MEDLINE]: incidence of angioedema was 0,4% (same as that for ACE inhibitors)
    • Retrospective Study with n = 4,687 Patients (2012): incidence of angioedema was comparable for ACE inhibitors and aliskiren
    • Meta-Analysis with n= 5,141 Patients (2012) [MEDLINE]: incidence of angioedema was 0.13%
  • Physiology: aliskiren is not believed to affect bradykinin pathways -> mechanism is unclear
  • Clinical Use: caution should be exercised in using aliskiren (and other renin inhibitors) in patients who have had a history of angioedema associated with ACE inhibitor treatment (see Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors, [[Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors]])

Cardiovascular Adverse Effects

Hypotension (see Hypotension, [[Hypotension]])

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Endocrinologic Adverse Effects

Drug-Induced Hypoaldosteronism (see Hypoaldosteronism, [[Hypoaldosteronism]])

  • xxxx

Renal Adverse Effects

Hyperkalemia (see Hyperkalemia, [[Hyperkalemia]])

  • Mechanism: due to drug-induced hypoaldosteronism (see above)

Other Adverse Effects

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