• Formerly classified as nutritionally variant streptococci (see also Abiotrophia Abiotrophia, [[Abiotrophia]])
  • Granulicatella and Abiotrophia species are normal flora in the mouth, urogenital tract, and intestine

Members of Granulicatella Genus

  • Granulicatella adiacens: formerly Abiotrophia adiacens
  • Granulicatella balaenopterae: formerly Abiotrophia balaenopterae
  • Granulicatella elegans: formerly Abiotrophia elegans


  • May be difficult to identify


  • Endocarditis (see Endocarditis, [[Endocarditis]]): reported with Granulicatella adiacens and Granulicatella elegans
    • Approximately 5% of infective endocarditis cases are caused by nutritionally variant streptococci strains


  • Clinical course with nutritionally variant streptococci strains is often more severe than that in cases caused by enterococci or viridans streptococci [MEDLINE]
  • Infections are difficult to treat: relapse rate of 41%, despite appropriate antibiotics [MEDLINE]


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