Alcaligenes Faecalis


  • Member of Alcaligenes Genus (Achromobacter Family)
    • First isolated in 1896 by Petruschky from stale beer
    • Motile (flagellated)
    • Slender, slightly-curved
    • Aerobic
    • Non-fermenting, non-encapsulated Gram negative rod
    • Found in gastrointestinal tract as harmless saprophyte in 5-19% of the population

Clinical Manifestations

General Comments

  • Opportunistic Infection
    • Acquired from moist items: nebulizers, ventilators, lavage fluid

Gastrointestinal Manifestations

  • Appendicitis (see Appendicitis, [[Appendicitis]])
  • Enteric Fever
  • Peritonitis: in setting of peritoneal dialysis

Neurologic Manifestations

Other Manifestations


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