Spongiotic Dermatitis


  • Spongiosis: intraepidermal edema -> hydrostatic separation of the keratinocytes, revealing the intercellular desmosomal attachments
    • Appears like the cut surface of a sponge
  • Three Defined Phases of Spongiosis
    • Acute Spongiosis
    • Subacute Spongiosis
    • Chronic Spongiosis


  • Eczematous Dermatitides: all of these are histologically similar and can manifest any of the phases of spongiosis (depending on when they are biopsied in the course of the disease) -> therefore, clinical history is crucial to making the diagnosis
    • Atopic Dermatitis
    • Contact Dermatitis (see Contact Dermatitis, [[Contact Dermatitis]])
    • Dyshidrotic Eczema (Pompholyx or Palmoplantar Dermatitis)
    • Id Reaction (Autoeczematization)
    • Eczematous Drug Reaction
    • Nummular Dermatitis


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