Vasoplegic Syndrome (Post-Cardiac Surgery Vasodilation)


  • Risk Factors
    • On-Pump CABG Surgery: vasoplegic syndrome occurs more frequently after on-pump coronary artery bypas graft (CABG) surgery verses off-pump CABG surgery
    • Hypothermia During Surgery: may also increase risk of developing vasoplegic syndrome post-operatively


  • Relative Vasopressin Deficiency: pre-operative arginine-vasopressin system activation probably depletes the endogenous vasopressin stores, leading to a relative vasopressin deficit post-operatively
    • High pre-operative plasma copeptin concentration: predictive of development of vasoplegic syndrome


  • Hypotension with Low Systemic Vascular Resistance (SVR) + High Cardiac Output (CO) (see Hypotension): occurs within the first 4 hours after cardiac surgery (such as CABG)



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