Nerium Oleander (Other Scientific Names: Oleandri Polium, Thevetia Peruviana/Common Names: Dogbane, Laurier Rose, Rosebay/Pharmaceutical Names: Anvirzel, Xenavex, SAOB-0401)


Characteristics of Nerium Oleander Plant


Human Exposure

Uses of Nerium Oleander Plant

Historical Uses of Nerium Oleander

Promoted Clinical Uses of Nerium Oleander

Clinical Trials of Anvirzel


Clinical Manifestations of Intoxication (Ingestion/Rectal Administration/Inhalation)

General Comments

Cardiovascular Manifestations

Atrioventricular Heart Blocks

Hypotension (see Hypotension)

Sinus Bradycardia (see Bradycardia)

Ventricular Tachycardia/Fibrillation (see Ventricular Tachycardia)

Gastroenterologic Manifestations

Neurologic Mental Status

Renal Manifestations

Other Manifestations

Fetal Manifestations with Maternal Ingestion

Clinical Manifestations (Topical Application)

General Comments

Dermatoligic Manifestations

Treatment of Intoxication (Ingestion/Rectal Administration/Inhalation)