Pentamidine (Nebupent)



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  • Epithelial Sodium Channel (ENaC) Antagonist (see Epithelial Sodium Channel Antagonists, [[Epithelial Sodium Channel Antagonists]]): inhibits sodium channels on the luminal membrane of cells in the renal collecting tubule
    • Collecting tubule is the site of action of aldosterone


  • INH (Prophylaxis)
  • IV (Treatment)

Dose Adjustment

  • Hepatic
  • Renal

Adverse Effects

Cardiovascular Adverse Effects

  • Q-T Prolongation with Definite Association with Torsade (see Torsade, [[Torsade]])

Endocrinologic Adverse Effects

  • xxx (see xxxx, [[xxxx]])

Gastrointestinal Adverse Effects

  • Acute Pancreatitis (see Acute Pancreatitis, [[Acute Pancreatitis]]): definite association with acute pancreatitis

Pulmonary Adverse Effects

Renal Adverse Effects

Hypoaldosteronism (see Hypoaldosteronism, [[Hypoaldosteronism]])

  • Physiology: due to epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) antagonism in renal collecting tubule
  • Clinical

Other Adverse Effects

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